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Kissart offers wide range of mechanical engineering supply and installation services
including commercial fit – out, infrastructure, refurbishment, data centres and retail from
basic traditional heating and ventilation systems through to complex and innovative
solutions for all built systems in commercial, residential, industrial and public(government)
Our main focus is to meet our clients need with cost effective solutions that provide
substantial efficiencies and sustainable operational advantages without compromising on
quality and standards. Our services in this area include:

(HVAC) Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System
• Heating systems through the use of Heat Pumps, Boilers and Furnace.
• Cooling Systems through the use of Air Conditioning Systems such as Chillers
and Condensing and Evaporating Systems.
• Ventilation System through the use of Exhaust Ventilation System, Supply
Ventilation System, Balance Ventilation System, Smoke Extract Ventilation
System and Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems.

Kissart Building project designers, owners, managers, installers, operators are all
responsible for their final work compliance with industry, national, international standards
and regulations.

At Kissart, we understand the requirements of quality service that meet all mandatory
standards. We offer full range of design and consultancy services for MEP Engineering
Systems that perfectly works for all types of buildings. Our services in this area include:

• Project Management, Contract Administration, Testing & Commissioning.
• Feasibility Studies, Due Diligence Report, Load Flow Studies & Power Disturbance
• Conceptual outline design, Full detailed design, Preparation of drawings, Drafting of
As – Built Drawings and Submittal reviews.
• Tender and contract documents, Preparation of technical and performance
specifications, Cost planning and preliminary cost estimates for support with project
• Value Engineering & Analysis, Cost control of engineering works, Specialist
investigations and reports.

Kissart Group Limited offer services in on-site inspection, function tests, pre-
commissioning tests and preparation of commissioning documentation during and after

completion of projects for successful hand-over to the client.
We have certified experts who have the experienced and training to undertake the above
captioned functions in a manner that is compliant to standards, laws(local or international)
and the equipment manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. Our job in this area
covers the following:

1. Electrical Systems (e.g. MV/LV Power Installations and more).
2. Mechanical System(HVAC System and more.
3. Plumbing System (Sanitary Wares, Fire Fighting system and more.

  • ML/LV Power Installations
  • Small Power and Lighting Installa-
  • Extra Low Voltage Installations
  • Other Specialist System Installation

Kissart Group consider plumbing engineering services as playing very critical and essential
role in the efficient and clean distribution of water for all types of building projects
whether for domestic, commercial or industrial use. We do not compromised on quality so
we ensure that we coordinate well with you and other contractors on a project to provide
optimal integration of all system. Our services in this area include:

1. Plumbing Installation such as:

2. Water and Sewage Treatment Installation
• Soil and Waste Water System
• Internal and External Potable Water
Distribution System
• Sanitary Wares and Fittings
• Water Heating System
• Water Pumps

3. Fire Fighting & Suppression System such as:
• Sprinkler Protection System
• FM 200 Clean Agent
• Hose Real System
• Wet & Dry Riser System
• All Class of Fire Extinguishers
• Fire Trucks
• Foam Application

Post handing over of completed projects, Kissart has most times be involved in
maintenance of all equipment through a signed maintenance agreement between us and
the client. Kissart prepares the maintenance agreement to cover the scope of works and
terms and condition for the clients input and approval. This post installation maintenance
is often complemented with the requisite operating and maintenance manual for all the

In cases where we have to send our technicians out of the country to be train and
specialize in the operation of key equipment or rely on local experts to train our technicians
in the event of maintenance or fault detection, we gladly do so very well. You can count
on our extensively trained and experience maintenance professionals to provide you the
most effectual, reliable, safe and quality maintenance service at 24/7 to help you realize
consistent reduction in annual maintenance cost.

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Digital marketing services provide businesses of all sizes with an opportunity to market their brand 24/7 at a low cost.

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Creative and flawless execution with a sense of urgency and focus on results is how I’d describe the MarLab team.

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MarLab has been invaluable. They understand our brand and have given my ideas new life in a social media obsessed world.

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Our Development ProcessFocusing on the 3 key elements of any successful marketing strategy.

1. Creative

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3. Optimisation

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