The rising cost of operation in facility assets are due to numerous reasons, some of which are continuous pressure on the demand for better service, aging infrastructure, unavailability of funds and lack of management creativity and innovation.

With Kissart, we can help you overcome this challenge by working close with you to undertake expert analysis of your facility asset position as against your mission and strategic objectives, to figure out where there are weaknesses and where there could be improvements. We will develop a strong data and combine current trends in innovations to design action plans with strategies to improve on your facility asset for better service at lower cost. We can also help you make a good business case to solicit for funds to either improve on existing facility or expand.

You can be guaranteed that we will leave you with better, adequate, and reliable organizational process assets which can be used as a guide in taking future decisions to ensure repeat business.    

Our capabilities and expertise are in the:

  • Design stage
  • Construction
  • Operations, Maintenance, and Process Improvements
  • Due Diligence Evaluations
  • Renewal and Disposal

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